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Ventilator-associated lung injury - inadequate ventilation settings and strategies cause lung injuries that are not associated with the primary condition in some 24 percent of all patients who require intensive care ventilation. The successful implementation of ventilation therapies in routine clinical situations depends largely on the competence of medical and non-medical users. Our new Knowledge Portal for Clinical Ventilation and Respiratory Therapy is designed to highlight the varied aspects of intensive-care ventilation and clinical respiratory therapy to discuss new developments in an understandable format for personal learning. Specific professional topics are accessible exclusively to specialists in a closed section.

The Knowledge Portal is free of charge to users.

Initiated by the RespiCode Training and Simulation Centre in Karlsruhe and with the support of renowned manufacturers, the content of this Portal will be gradually expanded.


Mode Finder

New ventilation methods and differences in manufacturers' marketing strategies, as well as trademarks and trademark protection issues often make it difficult to establish clear criteria that allow a side-by-side comparison of different ventilation modes and ventilation parameters. Particularly in situations when patients requiring ventilatory support are first admitted, or when a member of staff changes to a new ICU, many users are unable to establish a correspondence between a clinical picture and the selected breathing pattern. This of course makes it difficult for the user to apply the correct settings. The new American textbook on mechanical ventilation discusses over 170 forms of ventilation, for which this renowned book lists 298 names. All previous attempts to define a standardized nomenclature have failed. The Mode Finder is not intended to replace the instructions for use of individual ventilators, but instead makes similar modes comparable, thus facilitating their clear allocation.

Similar ventilation forms often differ in small details. For improved comparability, all of these details were carefully assessed and evaluated and assigned to the appropriate categories.

The content was provided by the authors of the Kronberg List Understanding and Comparing Ventilation Modes, Pabst-Verlag ISBN 978-3-95853-149-9).


Initiated by:

RespiCode Training and Simulation Centre Karlsruhe

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